Emotional signs to be aware of

Even before infidelity becomes an issue, you should be aware of signs that may begin to strain your relationship. If tended to quickly, the need to look for affection elsewhere may be completely disregarded.

1. You notice that your partner is more combative than usual
In some cases, people try to displace their guilt by projecting it elsewhere; in some cases it’s short, unnecessary outburst of anger and frequent fighting. Once you notice lots of anger and constant bickering- take a moment and really try to figure out why your partner is becoming so upset. There could be an underlying issue that you and your partner have yet resolved- an issue that can begin to eat away at your relationship.

2. Your partner rather be sleeping then do anything with you
You notice a sudden change in your partner’s interests. They’re no longer willing to stay up and talk or make love on a whim, instead they opt to sleep, read a book, or step out for a couple hours. This is probably the most dangerous emotional sign your partner can give you. At this time, it’s imperative that you get back to communicating. The longer the wait, the harder it may be to reach them. Seemingly, they’ve shut you off emotionally, it will only be a matter of time before they open up to another.

3. There’s barely any affection shared between you two
It’s definitely a sign when your partner stops offering up affection. Remember you shouldn’t have to remind your partner to give you hugs and kisses, those actions should come naturally in a healthy relationship. If you notice that the affection has lessened in your relationship, ask your partner if they want to talk about anything. It may not be an extramarital affair at all, could be financial stress, stress from work or even a health issue. Before affection is given, make sure the communication lines are clearly open and that you take time to try to understand your partner’s lack of affection towards you.

4. They seem to be lacking self-esteem
There’s endless reasons why a person’s self-esteem may be affected. It could be work related, school related, something may have happened with their friends or even family. The issue with a low self-esteem is that if your partner begins to feel insecure, they may look to others for guidance and satisfaction. Be especially attentive if your partner beings to feel really negatively about themselves; reassure them of their positive traits, explain to them why you love them, and above all else offer yourself as a support system through this difficult time – you want to be there for them, you don’t want someone else to be.

Communication will be your most helpful tool within these situations. If you don’t know what your partner is thinking, feeling there’s no way either of you will be able to better your relationship.


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