She’s really not worth it

There are some women that are worth every penny you spend, worth all the time you’ve invested, worth all the efforts. Then there are some that you should just skip completely to save yourself from all the wasted time and efforts. Do yourself a favor read the following descriptions & then you’ll be able to make an educated guess on whether or not you should continue scoping them out.

She’s beautiful but can barely pronounce the word, “commemorate” Trust me when I say their beauty will fade, drastically. It may be fun at first, probably quite satisfying on almost every level. She’s able to turn you on even before you can say, “turn me on,” but after the countless hours of fun – what is there to talk about?! We’re assuming, probably nothing based on the fact that she’s as unintelligent as humanly possible.

She’s an attention whore To put things bluntly, she wants attention from everyone and anyone. It might have paid off in the beginning, sexy clothing, fancy makeup, constantly presentable, but now you’ll find yourself irritated because not only does every man check her out – but she acknowledges almost every man that she passes.

She’s quite friendly & has “special friends”  It may not bother you now, but the more her phone rings during your dates the more you’ll begin to notice. You’ll notice almost every comment on her FB page is a guy- that she’s never mentioned to you and that you’ve never seen before in your life. She’ll explain that he’s a special friend from way back when & that’s when you’ll realize that she’s not worth it.

She’s a working girl, she’s constantly working A career woman is quite sexy. When they can pay their own bills, buy whatever they want themselves, live on their own and pay for dinner occasionally – everyone is a winner! The problem arises when they’re constantly working and haven’t really grasped the concept of a balanced professional/personal life. You find yourself attempting to fit some relationship time in-between her conference calls; even worse than that, she’s almost always more interested in her cell phone then enjoying a dinner with you. It’s not going to work, as much as we say we don’t want anyone too clingy – we do need a little attention now and then.

She’s been known to cheat We wouldn’t want to ruin anything that could be, but chances are if 3 out of 4 of her ex-boyfriends have claimed she’s cheated… she’s probably bound to cheat again. It’s almost inevitable. Who are we to judge whether or not you want to dive into that pool of women – just be mindful of the possibilities to this kind of woman. One huge possibility: she’s going to cheat on you.