Top 5 Online Dating Tips

Even before you get started with your online dating journey, we think you should read over some basics. Any type of advantage you can get from this is five minutes well spent! Here are our top 5 tips for online dating.

1) Determine what kind of service will work best for you
There are hundreds upon hundreds of dating services out there. There’s online dating websites, speed dating, blind dating and every other dating you can factor in between. Just be aware of how much time you’ll be able to invest into the dating and choose wisely. Some people prefer online dating simply because they’re able to do it whenever it’s convienent for them; others may prefer speed dating – they might like close interactions first before even considering dating someone.

2) If online dating is the way to go, build a memorable profile
Your member profile is a snapshot of who you are. It’s the first impression you’ll give to people online. You want to make sure to keep the information as accurate as possible. Go in depth about your interests, hobbies and everything else that is important to you.

3) Stay active in your pursuit
You’ll want to post regularly, update new photos and keep your profile as accurate as possible. If you hadn’t updated anything in months, people will likely assume you’re no longer active on the site.

4) Stick to the truth about yourself and how you’re feeling
Through online dating, you’ll meet countless of other singles that seem like good, potential partners for you. Always build TRUTHFUL relationships, if you're going to get serious then the other person needs to know the real you! On the flipside, if you’re not attracted to someone then don’t sugar coat the truth, let them know exactly how you feel about the situation.

5) Online love isn’t meant to just stay online
Now some people may disagree and that’s their own opinion BUT we fully believe that online dating should serve as a platform for in-person dating. It’s absolutely up to you, but there’s something awfully disconnected about only finding love online – once you make that connect with someone, don’t be afraid to take it to the next level… who knows what it may eventually bloom into.


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